To provide safe and fun athletic opportunities for youth team sports in a competitive and instructional environment

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Part 1                                                                                                   February 29, 2016 

Dear WCWAA Members,

We are pleased to provide a State of the Park series of newsletters designed to provide you with key information about our organization.  We THANK YOU for being a Member of WCWAA.



The Board of WCWAA is proud to serve our children and Member families of WCWAA. The Board is charged with overseeing our sports and operations by guiding and taking appropriate action to ensure the Park’s Mission is fulfilled:


Our mission is to provide safe and fun athletic opportunities for youth team sports in a competitive and instructional environment.  Wesley Chapel-Weddington Athletic Association (WCWAA) provides equal sports play opportunities for all youth regardless of race, creed, sex, economic status, or ability.


WCWAA has been successful due to the work of many volunteers serving as coaches for our sport teams, parents who put their children’s development first, faithful supporters serving as fans, and generally helping with cleanup, fundraising, or whatever their unique talents are.  We also attribute the historic success of WCWAA to the sacrifice and selfless work of so many past and current Board Members who led WCWAA in years past.


To perpetuate WCWAA’s mission we need to keep apprised of changes in our members’ needs, our environment, and market conditions.  We created this State of the Park Series to raise awareness about WCWAA’s obstacles, solicit your support, and ultimately improve the quality of programming for our youth.  Specifically, in this Issue, we plan to address:


§  Operating Structure: Who We Are and How We Operate

§  Call to Action: You Can Make the Difference

§  Meet Our Board and Key Partners


In subsequent Issues in the Series, we will address the following topics:


§  Safety is our First Job, What does this mean to us?

§  Giving Back = Receiving Far More than we Give

§  Remediation in our Past, Improving our Facility

§  Keeping Pace, Programming in Youth Athletics  

Expanding our Facility and Programming to Meet Market Demands




Venue and Partners:

WCWAA is a private, non-profit funded entirely by our members, gifts, and sponsorship partners.  Members are parents/guardians of active youth program participants.  The venue where our junior athletes participate is primarily located off of Highway 84 within the Town of Weddington.  WCWAA is fortunate to own part of our Park (“lower half”) and rent part of our property from the Optimist Club (“upper half”).  We also rent space from other venues, churches, and the Union County school system.  We greatly appreciate our partnership with the Optimist leadership, many of whom used to be WCWAA members or member-leaders in the past.  We also value our partnership with our church neighbors and the schools.


Leadership Structure:

WCWAA is governed by its by-laws which prescribe a Board comprised of 5 member-at-large positions: President, Chairman, Finance, Secretary, and Facilities.  Additionally, the Board includes the Commissioners of each sport: Soccer, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Softball, Wrestling, Take on Sports, Lacrosse, and Cheerleading.  We also have a non-voting member in our Treasurer position and an Administrative role that generally assists the Board and faithfully serves the Park.  Finally, we have a great legal representation.


We will be seeking to either fill or re-elect many of these positions at our annual meeting.  Specific vacancies include our member-at-large Facilities and Secretary positions as well as Lacrosse and Cheerleading.


Weddington / Wesley Chapel:

WCWAA currently is part of the Town of Weddington bordering Wesley Chapel.  As an organization, we strive to adhere to the Town, County, and States rules.  We also encourage our members to obey these same rules.  On WCWAA premises, rule obedience is mandatory.


There is a perception from some members and guests that WCWAA receives municipal funding.  WCWAA does not receive any funding from the Town of Weddington or other Government body.  In the past, WCWAA did receive some minor grant money from the County.



The remediation has been completed and FEMA’s final approval is imminent.  With closure on this issue, we look to a variety of ways to improve our facility, enabling more opportunities for our youth, and a better experience for Members and visitors.




Member Leadership:

As Members and Parents/Guardians you are key leaders for our youth and can make WCWAA a great organization.  On the field as a Coach, in the stands cheering, or walking to and from fields of play - we need your help.  Please do not jeer opposing youth players, coaches, or referees.  Instead, cheer for both teams, young eyes are watching how you act. 


Your child may or may not be the best at a sport, but they should be encouraged to learn hard work, character, discipline, teamwork and leadership skills.  Please encourage the right behaviors and if they are working hard, no need to criticize their results.  Please represent yourself, family, and WCWAA with dignity; you are a role model whose impact is significant. 


Board Leadership Opportunities:

We currently have a few vacancies we would like to find motivated volunteers to help fill:

§  Member-at-Large – Secretary

§  Member-at-Large – Facilities

§  Lacrosse Commissioner

§  Cheerleading Commissioner


Annual meeting and elections will be coming up soon….


Gifts of Your Talents and Resources: What you get back is far greater than what you give:

You can also help facilitate WCWAA’s Mission by giving back.  By giving your time to coach, volunteer as an administrator, lead a project to enhance our park, voluntarily pick up trash, provide a sponsorship, and/or give a gift.  You will be rewarded by helping our youth, building leaders of tomorrow and enriching our community today! 


If you give money, please check your employer’s ability to match.  If you give your time, your employer may match that too with a monetary commitment.


We will be more formally introducing a capital campaign soon to further specify areas of effort.



The WCWAA Board places tremendous emphasis on its mission. The Board is charged with carrying out the mission and works tirelessly dedicating its talents and time to run our organization.


Click HERE to get to know your Board Members.



President – Max Anthony

Chairman – Burke McKinney

Treasurer – Chris Robertson (non-voting)

Finance – Jon Perdue

Secretary – Vacant

Facilities – Vacant


Key Partners:

Chris Duggan – Attorney

Becky Paul – Administrative Lead

Sport Commissioners:

Soccer – George Sella

Baseball – Mike Babcock

Football – Mike Newman

Basketball – Christie Shrader

Softball – Mark Sinacori

Wrestling – Brent Petroff

Take on Sports – Gina Fisher

Lacrosse – Vacant

Cheerleading – Vacant


Thank you for your support!

 Your WCWAA Board