To provide safe and fun athletic opportunities for youth team sports in a competitive and instructional environment

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Below are Biographies to help you get to know your board members

who work so hard to keep the park running.


Max Anthony

President of WCWAA, one of the State’s largest community based sports organization.  Max is a true advocate for our youth, investing his time and resources mentoring students and coaching multiple sports.  He is married to Amy Anthony, herself a youth advocate, professional and avid volunteer.  They are proud parents of three active children spanning high school to preschool.  Max is a certified USA Olympic Weightlifting coach and has a lifelong commitment to fitness and athletics participating in a variety of team sports as a junior athlete.  He is also an Ironman.  Max currently coaches football, baseball, and wrestling at the elementary school level.  He also trains youth athletes to help them safely develop balance, proper athletic movement, and prevent injury as they grow in their sport development.  He is passionate about creating sound organizations to facilitate youth sports.  Max believes that through non-profit membership infrastructures and public-private partnerships sustainable organizations can be achieved.  Professionally Max has a 20 year career in capital markets, balance sheet and investment management for corporations, non-profit, municipal and governmental, insurance, and healthcare institutions.  He has practiced his trades as an entrepreneur, consultant, and as an employee of Fortune 500 companies.  Max is a graduate of  North Carolina State University where he received his BS in Business Management and is a periodic guest lecturer.