To provide safe and fun athletic opportunities for youth team sports in a competitive and instructional environment

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Role of Commissioner


·         Assign Head Coaches

o    Goal is 7 players to a team; max 8 (ensuring most amount of playing time)

o    Coaches from a previous year receive right-of-first-refusal to coach again

·         Run evaluation process for age group; ensure each coach has evaluation form

o   During evaluation all kids must sign in, verify grade and determine height

o   Collect evaluation forms at the end of the evaluation, tabulate all scores, return individual sheets as well as “master” cumulative sheet at draft

·         Organize and run a draft process to establish teams

o    Any child that is not present for evaluations becomes a “hat pick”

o    Practice day/night schedule is organized at draft; kids that cannot practice a particular night (as noted in registration) must be traded for same slot

o    Hand out league rules to each coach

o    Hand out school rules (ensuring practice & game behavior)

o    Email rules link to coaches

o    Suggest signing up for Twitter & FB WCWAA site for updates


·         Ensure age appropriate basketball and play time rules enforced

·         Submit all teams to website director 

·         Assign and coordinate practice times with facilities director

·         Create and submit game schedules to facilities director

·         Address any issues that arise during the course of the season and remediate

·         Organize the double elimination end of season tournament

·         Name at least 1, possibly 2 All-Star coaches

·         Gather recommendations and organize End of Season All-Star teams through soliciting feedback from coaches and collaborating with All-Star coach to ensure a fair selection process was administered

·         Provide leadership to the league and ensure sportsmanship and the spirit/intent that the coaches adhere to is that all kids have a great WCWAA basketball experience

·         Commissioners are not expected to attend games.  Their primary responsibilities are instead listed above.  If they are able, they may watch and ensure values and goals are being upheld.

·         Be present at Championship game at the end of the season to hand out trophies.