To provide safe and fun athletic opportunities for youth team sports in a competitive and instructional environment

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Recreation Basketball
Evaluation Schedule.

 ALL participants must attend.  
Here is the make-up schedule:
  Marvin Ridge Middle School  
Time Grade Last name
12 noon 3rd & 4th boys Make up
1:00 PM 5th & 6th boys Make up
2:00 PM 7 & 8th boys Make up
3:00 PM All Girls Make up
4:00 PM HS Boys ALL

Original schedule:
  Marvin Ridge Middle School  
  Main Gym Location  
Time Grade Last name
9:00 AM 3rd boys A to M
10:00 AM 4th boys A to M
11:00 AM 5th boys A to M
12 noon 3/4 girls A to M
1:00 PM 5/6/7 girls A to M
2:00 PM 8/9/10 girls A to M
3:00 PM 6th boys A to M
4:00 PM 7 & 8th boys A to M

  Marvin Ridge Middle School    
Time Main Gym Last name Aux. Gym
1:00 PM 5th boys N to Z 3rd boys
2:00 PM 6th boys N to Z 4th boys
3:00 PM 7 & 8th boys N to Z 3/4 girls
4:00 PM 8/9/10 girls N to Z 5/6/7 girls
After evaluations are complete, each grade commissioner will arrange a draft night with their respective coaches.  By Saturday, 11/16, you will receive an email from your child's coach outlining what day you begin practice.  Thanks, and we look forward to a fun season!