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WCWAA is currently seeking applicants for a part-time Facilities Manager.  Please send a letter of interest along with qualifications to email: by Friday January 8th at 12 noon.

Facilities Manager
To have one central point of contact and a responsible party for managing security, maintaining the facility and common area, and operational support for all leagues at WCWAA. The facility manager role would be a paid contractor of the park reporting to the WCWAA Board of Directors (or its delegate). Each month, the facility manager will provide a written report of their performance and this performance will be monitored by the WCWAA Board of Directors (or its delegate).
Duties for this role would include, but not be limited to managing other contractors or performing maintenance activities such as grass/landscaping, water supply, safety, supplies, lighting, construction, and renovations to the park at Wesley Chapel Weddington Athletic Association.   The facilities manager would be expected to perform these duties by himself/herself unless the duties exceeded their specific skill set (for example – major construction) or it was more advantageous to the park to sub-contract these duties. Projects requiring sub-contractor usage would be pre-approved by the WCWAA Board of Directors. All duties of the facility manager would be determined based upon the direction provided by the WCWAA Board (or its delegate).
This job description is divided into four categories: Facilities, Sports Specifics, Managerial, and Volunteer Cooperation
I.                   Facilities
A.    Building up-keep, renovations, construction
*      Press boxes, storage buildings, garages, pavilions, stands/seating, picnic and playgrounds
          ( this includes all basic repairs done by FM such as replacing boards, minor painting, minor roofing, locks/latches, shelving, caulking, mortar/cement, etc. and anything assigned by WCWAA board )    
*      Electrical, plumbing/drainage, lighting repairs/replacement, annual irrigation and well winterizing, and coordination with electrical and plumbing contractors on major items requiring service companies. Manage outside contractors for garbage collection, coordinating dumpster pickups, grass cutting service, and removal of junk on park premises
B.     Security of park
*      Daily, seasonal, and annual park security which includes unlocking Park daily at 8:00 a.m. and locking by 10:30 p.m. This also includes periodic drive-through during off season.
*      Serves as the “on-call” person for lights left on after 10pm.
*      Cooperate with local authorities with all issues on premises.
*      Cooperate with local Governmental agencies regarding all zoning, expansion/growth, covenants/restrictions, land use laws and other such matters upon request of and at the direction of the WCWAA board.
*      Parking and roadways serviced and maintained. FM will be responsible for all parking posts, roping, pot holes, signage, minor grading and coordination with road crew for large projects
*      Porta-Jons and food vendor maintenance assistance and coordination. Arrange Porta-Jons as needed by WCWAA board and all sports. Assist as needed with any/all vendors for location set up, electrical assistance, tournaments and seasonal removal as directed by WCWAA
II.                Sports Specific Responsibilities to Football, Soccer, L.L. Baseball, Babe Ruth, Softball, Challenger Sports, Basketball, Cheerleading, and Lacrosse
A.    Daily and Seasonal
*      Supplies procurement and Inventory as approved by WCWAA board and Sport liaison
*      Manage contracted work for each sport
*      Assist and manage work days, special functions and tourneys
III.             Managerial
A.    Monthly report to board of directors with itemized list of work orders completed and time recorded.
B.     Bi-annual park inspection and work order submission
C.    Training of each sports maintenance supervisor for daily responsibilities of their assigned sport and field needs. Training on all Park and WCWAA board requirements.
IV.             Volunteer Leadership
A.    Retain and oversee lists for each sports daily responsibility handled by volunteers and coaches (i.e., field lining, press box op’s, stands, etc.)
B.     Assist as needed with operational/maintenance equipment and supplies to volunteers
C.    Security liaison for all sports (press boxes, storage buildings, fields, lights) maintaining keys to all locks
D.    Manage school service projects
Compensation Plan
Position would be a contractor role to receive a Form 1099.
Compensation would be $14 per hour for 30 hours per week for a 6 month trial period.   Estimated 6 month cost to be $10,920.
The arrangement would be subject solely to the satisfaction of the Board of WCWAA and could be terminated immediately without cause at any time with no penalty subject to all unpaid work being compensated.
Contractor arrangement:
This position would be an independent contractor and would be required to sign our standard vendor/contractor agreement.   Contractor would be required to maintain defined levels of Insurance coverage and must agree to other standard terms in our vendor contract.