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WCWAA Majors Local Rules – Fall 2010


1.  The home team will furnish two new baseballs and all backup balls as needed.  They are also responsible for preparing the field.  The visiting team is responsible for dragging the infield, repairing the mound, and putting all the equipment away.  Also, the visiting team will need to turn off the lights, scoreboard, locking the press box, and making sure that everything is unplugged in the press box.


2.  Games will be played with a 1:45 time limit during the week and 2:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.  A new inning will not begin after 715.  If the game is tied at this point, it will end in a tie.  For weekend games, if a game is tied after the time limit expires, it will end as a tie.  The 730 weeknight games will begin no more than 20 minutes after the conclusion of the 545 game (regardless of what time it is) or 730 whichever comes first so have your teams ready to play. Regardless of the game situation, the lights must be turned off at 10pm under all circumstances.  If the game is not completed and there is time left on the time clock, it will be suspended and completed at a later date.


3.  Pitchers may only pitch two innings in a game and they must be consecutive innings, however the pitching maximum is 50 pitches.  Once a pitcher reaches his maximum, he must be removed immediately.  If a pitcher pitches more than 25 pitches, one day of rest is required before pitching again.  The pitcher must be removed if he hits two batters in the same inning or a total of three during the game.


4.  Games may begin with only eight players and teams may bring up one player from the minors division to make nine.  If a team does not have at least eight players to play after ten minutes of the start time of the game, a forfeit will be declared.  If a team ever cannot field at least eight players during any time during the game, a forfeit will be declared.


5.  If a player is used from the minors division, he may not pitch and must bat last in the lineup.  In the event the team player arrives during the game which gives the team more than nine players, that player will be added to the end of the lineup.  At that point, the minor’s player may no longer play defensively. 


6.  No player may sit out for the second time until all players have sat out one inning.  If a violation of this rule occurs, a forfeit will be declared.

7.  It is expected that all managers will make every effort to rotate as many players as possible without risk.

8.  Sliding is mandatory at home plate if there is a play.  If an attempt is not made to slide on the play, the runner will automatically be called out.  This is umpires discretion and may not be disputed.

9. The entire roster will be the batting order for all games.  If a player has to leave the game for any reason other than injury, sickness, or school/church function (approved prior to game), an out will be declared. 


10.  If a manager, coach or player is ejected from a game, they shall leave the field immediately and take no further part in that game.  They may not sit in the stands and may not be recalled.  Any manager, coach or player ejected from a game is suspended from his team’s next (2) physically played games and may not be in attendance at the game site from which they are suspended and must appear before members of the LL board.


11. Courtesy runners will be used for the catcher when there are two outs in all situations.

12.  Balks will be called after a warning is given.  Each pitcher will be allowed one warning on a blatant balk.  If a runner is attempting to steal during the warning, he will be returned to the original base.  If the pitcher balks again, all runners will advance one base.  The goal is to teach the pitchers the kids rather than change the game with potential “game changing” balk calls.


13.  Batters will be out when the third strike is recorded regardless if the ball is caught by the catcher.

14.  All games will be played as scheduled unless rescheduled by Ed Godfrey.  The season will begin on September 18 and the tournament will begin on October 30.