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WCWAA All-Star Critera


At the close of the WCWAA in-house tournament players will be selected to represent the WCWAA Basketball program in an "All Union County" All Star tournament, which will be held at the end of Feburary.  This tournament combines age groups for a double-elimination tournament format.

WCWAA All-Stars are set up by ages not grades and we attempt to pull two teams together for each age group.  Example.  One team is mostly 6th graders and then second team might be mostly 5th graders.  Also, if you are a 6th grader and turn 12 before September 1st, you are ineligible to play in the 10/11 age group. 

All-star coaches are chosen by the commissioners of each age group based on their opinion of coaches in our leagues.   Once players are selected for All-Stars, they will need to pay a small fee which covers the extra gym expense during the tournament, any additional practices, as well as referees and other costs. 

2016 cost = $75

Once selected, you will receive a registration link from your coach.


8/9 age– 3 & 4th grade

10/11 age – 5 & 6th grade

12/13 – 7 & 8th grade

14/15 – 9 & 10th

16/17 – 11th & 12th


We also attempt to play another tournament as well in the South Charlotte area early March.  Coaches will determine based on team interest and availability to participate in this tournament.


Please check back for information regarding tournament game schedules so that you can help support the WCWAA All Stars teams!