To provide safe and fun athletic opportunities for youth team sports in a competitive and instructional environment

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This section of our website will be for our coaches. 
We will post information on coach's meetings, clinics, and website links to assist in teaching the game of basketball.

1.    Background Check Form - required if you have NOT coached another sport
within WCWAA in 2013. 
Please Click Here 
and fill out the information requested:


General coaching background at WCWAA:
Coaching basketball at WCWAA is a great opportunity to spend time with your son or daughter and build lasting memories. 
Our goal as a league is limit the team size to only 7 to 8 players to allow for as much playing time as possible.   We may ask for volunteers to assist in coaching so we can continue to maintain this roster size.
The role that a coach can have on a player’s life is significant in youth development.  The basketball court offers a place for the child to develop both as an athlete and individual, and lessons learned on the court will be carried throughout life.
Time commitment:
The time commitment is not major with only 1 practice during a week night and a game on Saturdays. 
Coaching requirements
The minimum requirements for coaching are to have a basic understanding of the game of basketball and preferably some previous experience with coaching basketball and/or other youth sports. 
All coaches must fill out a background check form (located on the main WCWAA page).
The top eight responsibilities as a Coach:


  1. provide a safe physical environment
    1. Ensure the gyms are clear of impediments
    2. Ensure no over-aggressive activity during practice
  2. Know the rules
    1. Ensure playing time rules are enforced
    2. Ensure game rules are enforced
  3. Communicate in a positive way
    1. You are a teacher and a role mode: always communicate positively
    2. Be clear with your expectations to both the players and the parents
  4. Teach the fundamental skills of basketball
    1. Winning is a by-product of skills development
  5. Teach the rules of basketball
    1. Introduce the rules of basketball and follow them in practice
    2. Ensure you know the age appropriate rules of WCWAA and teach them in practice
  6. Direct players in competition
    1. Determine a starting five; ensure the substitution pattern
    2. The focus is not “win at all costs”; rather, it’s compete hard, do their best, improve their skills, and win within the rules
  7. Help your players become fit and value fitness for a lifetime
    1. Do not make sprints or pushups a punitive measure; instead, integrate sprints as part of drills (half court layup drills, strength drills, etc)
    2. Make it fun to get fit for basketball , and make it fun to PLAY basketball so the child continues to play and stay fit
  8. Help the child develop character
    1. Character development includes learning, caring, being honest and respectful, and taking responsibility.
    2. We ask you to teach these values to players by demonstrating and encouraging behaviors that express these values at all times. For example, in teaching good team defense, stress to young players the importance of learning their assignments, helping their teammates, playing within the rules, showing respect for their opponents, and understanding that they are responsible for having a role in every play-even though they may not be recognized individually for their efforts.
    3. Best example: if the other team scores, it’s not “Other team 2, me 0.”  It’s Other team 2, my team 0.”