To provide safe and fun athletic opportunities for youth team sports in a competitive and instructional environment

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Coach requirements and responsibilities

  • Commitment to coach must be made by registration deadline.


  • Assessment sheets will be provided to evaluate girls on scale of 1-5 in the areas of hitting, running, fielding and pitching.


  • Head coaches only
  • Draft order will be picked out of a hat
  • Snake Format
  • Each team will pick a pitcher first
  • The draft will remain confidential as it is our belief that players in a recreational sport don’t need to know what order they were picked in.

Parent Meeting

Aquire help for the following roles and communicate as much as possible with the parents.

Promote a team mentality of "fun first".

  • TEAM MOM (s)
  1. Snack Parent
  2. Pictures for website
  3. Dugout
  4. Bookkeeper
  • Assistant Coach
  • Base Coach
  • Game Changer App Manager

Background Checks

  • Must be completed prior to season opener


  • Will be delivered just before the first game


  • Provide continued coaching of softball fundamentals, skills, and techniques throughout the season
  • Promote and support through email of past team in between seasons, and current team of all WCWAA clinics, camps, fundraisers, sponsorships, etc
  • MUST complete evaluation form used in the pre-season assessments and at the end of each season


  • Clean up dugouts, cages and field after games and practices. Ask opposing coaches to do the same once games conclude. Send visiting coaches an email 24 hours prior to the game with a welcome, important info and clean up reminder.
  • When moving pitching mounds, fill the anchors with plugs
  • Rake pitcher’s mound
  • Line fields before the first game each day during EOS tournament
  • How to request practice time- email:
  • Try to practice 2 times per week until games start, then 1 day per week
  • Combination to the lock on field lights is 6186.
  • Combination to field sheds are 9748
  • Lights out by 10PM. If last to leave, make sure they are off

Pre-build Game Roster

  • Document your lineup before game
  • Bring copies for coaches and opposing teams

Coach Readiness- Dates

  • Assessments
  • Draft
  • WCWAA Coach Meeting and Equipment Handout
  • Mandatory Char-Meck Meeting
  • Season Opener
  • Last Regular Season Game
  • EOS Tournament
  • EOS Tournament Championship


ALL gear must be returned to the shed or the commissioner at the completion of each season.

  • Hitting Sticks
  • Tees
  • Catchers Gear
  • Game Balls (To be given out at Char-Meck Coaches Meeting)
  • Practice Balls

Weather issues with Practices/Games

  • Practices are cancelled at coaches discretion due to weather or field conditions.
  • Game cancellations are up to home field coach or board member. Rule of thumb is to get the game in if possible.

Rescheduling Games

  • Games are not rescheduled for any reason other than weather or school related functions that affect a large number of players.


  • Rules will be handed out at their coaches meeting
  • Enter game scores and innings pitched on the Char-Meck site

Playing time

  • 6u - Fun First. all players play all positions all season
  • 8u - Fun First. All players need to own one outfield and one infield position to play each game all season. Justification is from a competitive standpoint you will always have a player in a position that knows what to do at that position at any moment during a game. Develop your players, don't just coach them.
  • 10u - Fun First. Maximize your player’s ability at more than one position. Develop any new players to softball rotate them accordingly infield and outfield.
  • No player should sit more than one inning in a regular season game.

Coach complaints

  • Coach will immediately send that email or relay that voicemail, text message to the board for reply back to the parent